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Students Council

Each Faculty shall have a Student Council. This is the authority that represents all students of the Faculty.

The number of members and the procedure for their election shall be determined in regulations issued by the Board in accordance with this Statute.

The mandate of the members of the Student Council is limited to two (2) years without being re-elected.

The Student Council shall discuss and decide all issues connected with rights and obligations of students of the Faculty.

The Student Council is realizing its interests regarding flow of the education process through its representatives at the Faculty Council.

Members of the Student Council participate on proposal of the candidates for Dean.

The student councils shall be the body of student representation of each academic unit.

The total number of members of each student council shall be equal to (1%) of the total number of registered full students of this academic unit, with a minimum of (5) and maximum of (21) members.

The members shall be nominated by the student organizations based on the total percentage of votes achieved during the student elections of each academic unit and according to prioritized lists of candidates, published by each student organization at the beginning of the election campaign.

The members of each student council shall elect a (1) chairman and one (1) vice-chairman.

The Board shall issue a working regulation of student councils.

Each student council shall prepare a list of up to three nominees for student members of the Senate for election by the student parliament.

The student council of each academic unit shall elect the student members of the council of this academic unit. The chairman of the student council shall be ex officio one of the student members of the faculty council.

The Steering Council shall allocate an appropriate annual budget for the operation of the student parliament and the student councils, proposed by the students Parliament.

Students shall have the right of peaceful assembly.

Students shall have the right to form professional associations or societies for any purpose permitted by the Kosovo Higher Education Law.




UPZ is the second public university in Kosovo. In 2010 the number of enrolled students was 1700, while in 2014; the number of enrolled students is about 8000...

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