Purpose of the Industrial Advisory Board

The purpose of establishing the Industrial Advisory Board is to cooperate and interact with academic units and the industrial community. This regulation defines the character, membership, functioning, scope, decision-making and mandate of the Industrial Advisory Board.

Article 1.

Character of the Industrial Advisory Board

  • 1. The character of the Industrial Advisory Board (hereinafter IAB), established by the Statute of the "Ukshin Hoti" University in Prizren (hereinafter UHUP) and this Regulation, is a Non-Profit and Counseling and is based on goodwill of members and the commitment of academic units (hereinafter AU) and UHUP to enhance the quality of Higher Education in the field of AU activity.
  • 2. The IAB is composed of representatives of the labor market and the authorities from the scope of the relevant AU, and representatives of the relevant AU students.
  • 3. IAB members (except ex-officio members, and those previously hired) may not be engaged as advisers to the AU after being nominated as IAB members.
  • 4. Any IAB member (labor market representative) who serves in IAB, AU, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding, thereby ensuring his/her readiness to volunteering at IAB on a voluntary basis, without expecting any remuneration, eliminating conflicts of interest and maintaining confidentiality of information.
  • 5. The establishment of the IAB in each of the UHUP academic units, is obligatory to ensure that study programs are in line with labor market requirements and monitor the performance outcomes of the proposed study programs to graduates of these programs.
  • 6. The composition and activities of the IAB are published on the UHUP website in the AU's link. Each AU of UHUP should develop a separate link on the AU website to publish the activities of the IAB.


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