Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

Academic programs:

  • Agribusinesses
  • Forestry and Environmental Sciences

General information of the Faculty / Organizational structure

The initiative for the establishment of new study programs related to food sciences, environment and agriculture started by Rector Prof. Dr. Rame Vataj. In December 2014 the Senate of the university proposed the establishment of a professional committee that will deal with the research of the labor market and the capacity of the university for a new faculty and new study programs. Commission consists of Dr. Bekim Gashi, Dr. Iusuf Lushi, Dr. Hysen Bytyqi. After a broad consultation with various experts, but also with other universities in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia and Italy as well as the different institutions of the state, the Rector proposed establishment of a new faculty in the field of life sciences within framework of the University "Ukshin Hoti" in Prizren. Based on study programs that will be offered in this faculty and other examples from the Western world but also based on Erasmus study program codes, the commission drew up the report and proposed to Senate and Board the name of this unit: Faculty of Life Sciences and Environment.

Based on the specifics of UPZ and requirements of the labor market in the region of Prizren, but also throughout Kosovo, new programs of study in this report will contribute in increasing the performance of UPZ in general but also the identification of the university in particular. Considering the tradition of Prizren region but also geographical position, these programs will directly or indirectly affect on continuous growth and economic development but also on scientific research in this region through training of experts in different fields.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 55 and 56 of the Statute of the University "Ukshin Hoti" in Prizren, and the proposal of the Commission and the Rector, the Governing Council of UPZ supports the initiative (Decision no. 183/2015, dt. 03.06.2015) To establish the Faculty of Life Sciences and Environment within the University "Ukshin Hoti" in Prizren.

The mission of the Faculty

The fundamental mission of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences (FLES) will be to provide graduate and postgraduate studies. One of the priorities will be scientific research and consultative work dealing with life sciences, Environment and Agribusiness. Within the orientation itself which is study of natural resources and their sustainable management, the faculty is one of the institutes for which each country has crucial need in order to establish and maintain its identity. Protection of landscape and nature, protection of natural, sustainable and friendly natural resources, production and processing of quality food, together with modern technology pose a global challenge that can be addressed positively by applying more and more advanced research.

The mission of the faculty will be supported by the academic community of professors, scientific researchers, technical staff and students, who are responsible for maintaining and contribution within faculty with activities and initiatives, permanent work, professional knowledge and results of quality work.

The vision of the Faculty

Vision of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Environment is the advancement of knowledge through the training of skilled professionals, and its application in the development of human potential for the development of a modern society in Kosovo aiming the acquisition of modern social and educational trends.

With its educational and scientific programs, FLES speeds and encourages interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation in the field of life sciences and integral research of the problems that are greatly more tier associated with the interests of the different professions. Therefore the faculty will provide high quality research and cooperation in all scientific disciplines and programs, international recognition and professional character based on excellence.


Another guarantee of the level of educational, research and activities within the FLES is its international comparability. Faculty needs to have solid professional position and look at all practical social issues in all areas relevant to its programs. Actively participate in policy-making nature, rural development and policies dealing with the technology of forestry and food technology, as well as other relevant areas is of crucial importance.

Departments and Study Programs

Because of specifications and different disciplines, the faculty will be divided into the following departments:

1. Department of Agribusiness;

2. Department of Food Science (in projection and strategy for the near future);

3. Department of Environmental Science.

Study programs that are proposed within the faculty are:

Department of Agribusiness:

  • Program: Agribusiness

Department of Food Science:

  • Program: Food Science and Nutrition (in projection and strategy for academic year 2017/18)

Department of Environmental Science:

  • Program: Spatial Planning (in projection and strategy for academic year 2017/18)
  • Program: Forest and Environmental Sciences

All these research programs will be 3 years (Bachelor of 180 ECTS) and later have to be continued with the second cycle of MA studies, in order to achieve basic knowledge for a job as well as scientific research.

The organizational structure of the faculty / faculty organizational chart

The organizational structure of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences will consist of Dean, vice-dean for teaching and vice-dean for finance and infrastructure.

Faculty Council - by statute (Article 73) The Council shall have at least 15 members elected among professors, up to 2 members elected among the assistants, Dean, two vice deans, one of the administration and a representative of the Students' Council . Board members are elected by the academic staff with regular elections organized at the University Ukshin  Hoti in Prizren.

Study Commission is an advisory body to the Faculty Council, composed of 9 members, and is chaired by the Dean of Faculty. This committee consists of vice-dean for educational issues, five teachers, one assistant and two students.


Disciplinary Commission and the Commission for verification will operate within the faculty of FLES. All commissions are appointed by the Faculty Council proposed by the Dean.



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