Background and objectives

The Faculty of Philology in Prizren has a tradition of several years. Prizren with the district, and Albanian society in general, had and have a tradition of preserving and developing the Albanian language and culture, spanning the period before and during humanity and enlightenment. This fact is also proven in the scientific way, but it is a powerful pillar for the continuity of the research and scientific tradition. The traditional connection of the Albanian school has continued and has been witnessed even during the period of National Renaissance.

Faculty of Philology in Prizren continues the journey of preserving the Albanian language and culture, but also the development of Anglophone and Germanic cultures.

The courses of study are oriented on the principles of curriculum implementation, which are based on the guidelines of the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Kosovo, on the legal and administrative guidelines of MEST and are mainly based on the Statute of the "Ukshin Hoti" University of Prizren. Thus, by applying the highest standards and always based on the requirements of the Bologna and Lisbon system, the programs will be complete and promising to expand, but also to ensure and guarantee quality.

This academic unit has three study programs;

  • Albanian Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • German language and literature

The three programs are at the first level of study.

The programs offer genuine albanological and philological studies.

All programs are with 240 (180) ECTS.

Bachelor degree programs are generally aimed at empowering students to practice their profession. The three programs of study aim at language and communication, literature and culture. These areas are then decomposed into specific subjects that develop and deepen students' language and literary skills as well as develop their academic skills in order to enhance professionalism in language and literature. Students will be trained in teaching, fluent communication in academic and non-academic circles and will be prepared to face the challenges they may face in the labor market. The Deanery of the Faculty of Philology for its mission and vision has the opening of new programs for both basic and postgraduate level. The Faculty of Philology maintains links with other faculties and universities, as well as with research, and scientific research institutions within and outside the Republic of Kosovo.

The Deanery of the Faculty of Philology is and will be at the service of students.




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