At the UPZ the IV International Scientific Conference “The East of the West and West of the East” began its work

25 June 2019

At the UPZ the IV International Conference "The East of the West" and "West of the East" began with its work.

The International Scientific Conference "The East of West and West of the East" held earlier in Prizren, Prague - Czech Republic and Ohrid - Macedonia, this year is being held again in Prizren, the cultural capital of the Balkans. This conference is organized by University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren in cooperation with Turkish universities, Trakya University, Hakari University and the University of Mugla. In addition to all comparative studies in East and West, works from other fields will be presented on 26 and 27 June 2019. For the participation in the conference, a total of 112 abstracts have been sent, out of which 76 abstracts have been received with single authors as well as co-authors. The participants are from the Republic of Turkey, Albania, Azerbaijan and Kosovo.

On Tuesday evening was the solemn opening of the conference proceedings by host Rector of University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ismet Temaj.

He stressed that he feels honoured that, on behalf of UPZ professors and students, I greet you and welcome you at the International Conference IV which is being organized by the University of Prizren in cooperation with three other universities from the Republic of Turkey. Organizing for the second time the conference in the beautiful city of Prizren is a proof that our university is walking with confidence in achieving its goals and goals.

Rector Temaj said that for a decade since the establishment, UPZ has managed to expand the study programs year by year, to increase quality in teaching and learning, model infrastructure conditions have been created, and we have managed to make cooperation agreements with many international universities with renowned, especially with universities from the Republic of Turkey, which cooperation during my mandate will deepen and broaden, in addition to cooperation with universities of other countries. He thanked the organizers for the work done in the realization of this conference, in particular the honourable professor of UPZ Prof. dr. Ass. Dr. Serdan Kervan.

Meanwhile, Prof. Ass. Dr. Shemsi Morina, Vice-Rector for Teaching, Student Affairs and Scientific Research, stressed that the specialty of our university and the conference, the works of each one are opening tonight, made national, linguistic and cultural diversity where among the participants we have a variety of nationalities. He stressed that the same could not be organized without the unimpeded help of the board, the scientific committee and in particular the honourable professor Turul, as well as prof. Serdan Kervan who did everything possible to make everything go well, so thank you all for your contribution.

Prof. Ass. Dr. Soner Yildirim, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Quality Assurance, in a word, welcomed the opening of the conference papers, which he considered of special importance for the University of Prizren. He stressed that co-operation with Turkish universities is fruitful and will work more closely for such events to occur in the future as well. As vice rector, he emphasized that he is committed to expanding cooperation with Turkish universities but also with universities around the world in order to affirm UPZ. Vice Rector Yildirim thanked all the organizers for the useful work they have done for organizing a very important event at UPZ.

Prof. Ass. Dr. Serdan Kervan from the organizing council of the conference, who has done the most important work, gave a speech. She thanked the Rector of UPZ Temaj for the support they have given to the realization of this conference and all the organizers and other participants.

At the meeting were the chief of the Turkish language branch Prof. dr. Ass. Dr. Elsev Brina and Prof. Prof. Ass. Dr. Mynaver Mujo, Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Ass. Dr. Halim Bajraktari, Dean of FNSM Prof. dr. Assoc. Dr. Isuf Lushi, Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Ass. Dr. Vedat Bajrami and participants of the conference

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Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit