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The meeting was held between the two Universities, that one of University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren , and the University of “Trakya” from Edirne, Republic of Turkey.

23 October 2020


Today in the premises of the Rectorate at the University of Prizren, a meeting was held between the two Universities, the "Ukshin Hoti" in Prizren, and the University "Trakya" from Edirne, Republic of Turkey. Prof. ass. Dr. Shemsi Morina Vice Rector for Teaching Issues and Scientific Research, Vice Rector for International Relations Office and Quality Assurance Control, Prof. ass. dr. Soner Yildirim, received in a meeting the Turkish delegation headed by, Rector of the University "Trakya" from Edirne, Turkey prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoglu, with whom they talked about the future of the two Universities.

The main topic during the meeting was the way of cooperation between the two Universities, and that both parties were ready to cooperate. Vice-Rector Morina and Vice-Rector Yildirim presented to the Turkish delegation the achievements of the University and the challenges that await the University of Prizren. Meanwhile, the Rector of the University "Trakya" from the city of Edirne, Turkey, prof. Dr. Murat Turkyilmaz stressed that: we are ready to deepen cooperation between the two countries, to exchange our experiences. Both parties agreed to sign agreements in the future that will be in favor of both countries, while the two universities are to sign cooperation agreements regarding the Summer School and the "Dual Diploma" project which is expected to be implemented in the future, for joint diplomas, master's and doctoral studies by exchanging students from both countries.

Part of this meeting was also Prof.assoc. dr. Elsev Brina, Turkish language teacher at the Faculty of Education, and Director of the International Relations Office, Mr. Përparim Avdullahu.


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