Governing Council of University:

  • Prof. Ass. Dr. Naser Bajraktari - Chairman;
  • Dr. Hajrija Skrijelj - Dep.Chairman;
  • Dr. Kushtrim Gashi - Member;;
  • Prof.ass. Dr. Rifat Morina - Member;
  • Prof.ass. Dr. Drita Krasniqi - Member;
  • Prof.ass.Dr. Ylli Kortoqi - Member;
  • Prof ass Dr. Rifat Hoxha


By virtue of the Statute of University (Articles 17,18,19,29,21,22,23,)

The Governing Council of the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren


  • The Governing Council of the University, (herein after “Governing Council ”) is the principal governing authority of the University.
  • It has full strategic responsibility for the institutional effective functioning of the university.
  • Governing Council  is responsible for all decisions regarding financial issues (budget, personnel, and infrastructure) in order to provide suitable conditions for a stable activity of the University in compatibility with its obligations.
  • The Governing Council l collectively reports to the Ministry. It is responsible for proper utilization of funds in an effective manner that is granted to the University by Ministry or any other public source.
  • Governing Council  may form temporary commissions to advice it regarding special aspects of its duties.
  • The Governing Council  forms commissions for statutory issues as the advisable commission .The Commission informs the authority of the University regarding all cases of non enforcement of the Statute and other acts in assigned issues by the authority in charge as well as takes part on compiling or provides ideas on the preparation of the procedures of the acts and regulations issued by the University. The Governing Council  by special decree regulates issues regarding the Commission for Statutory issues.
  • The Governing Council  consists of seven (7) members with voting rights.
  • The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology appoints three members with voting rights and they are appointed under the provisions of the Law on Higher Education, while the Senate elects four members of the Governing Council from the academic staff of the University with voting rights.
  • The Senate elects four members of the Governing Council  with the right of vote by the academic staff with title of Professor.
  • The Rector and the Secretary General are ex-officio members of the Governing Council without the right to vote.
  • The mandate of the Governing Council is three (3) years with possibility of re election for one mandate more. The elections for the Governing Council will be holding on June while the mandate of the Governing Council starts on 1 October.
  • The duties of the Governing Council according to the Statute of the University of Prizren are:

    1. To provide the prerequisites for the administration and the proper management of resources at the University and its subordinate divisions;
    2. To issue regulations for the devolution of the competences of resources and other administrative matters to the academic units of the University in compatibility with the provisions of this Statute;
    3. To issue regulations for the governance, leadership and management of the University, as required by this Statute;
    4. To decide on the overall organizational structure of the academic units, as proposed by the Senate and after concerned units are consulted;
    5. To organize financial control, as provided hereinafter;
    6. To issue regulations, in compatibility with this Statute, regarding:
    -measures and disciplinary procedure for staff,
    -payments and service conditions for staff,
    -procedures of the compensation ways of personnel, based on the complaints regarding their employment,
    -suspension or dismissal of personnel,
    -complains against such suspension or dismissal.
    7. To determine tuition fees or other payments at the university, according to a proposal from the Rector (after consulting the Senate in compatibility with the Law of Higher Education);
    8. To set rules for calculating the costs of the university services, offered to third parties;
    9. To elect the rector from a list of five nominees proposed by the Senate;


UPZ is the second public university in Kosovo. In 2010 the number of enrolled students was 1700, while in 2014; the number of enrolled students is about 8000...

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Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit