“Ukshin Hoti” University invites you to take part in the "Welcoming week 2020" activity, and the important and fun activities that have been included to help you prepare and be ready to start your studies.

Welcoming Week 2020

1 - 7 October 2020

We wish you a good start to the new academic year 2020-21 and show the highest successes.

All new students are invited to participate in the activities that will be organized on this occasion.

“Welcoming Week” is the first week of the first semester of the academic year.

This week is a dedicated time for you to explore the University and the campus, meet students, teachers, program leaders, and learn the meaning of student life that awaits you.

When to arrive?

There will be plenty of opportunities and support available to help you do everything during the welcoming week.

During this week, we recommend you to use this time to get acquainted with the wonderful city of Prizren.

Welcome to the University of Prizren:

Everyone at the University is excited to meet you and jointly, we have put together a quality and exciting program of events and activities that will provide you with essential information to get you started, opportunities to socialize, explore and contribute and provide you with the first positive impression and lasting connection with the University.

School induction events (essential)

  • 1. For each study program based on the agenda to be published, a welcome meeting will be held by the Dean where all teachers and branch workers will be participants. Students will be introduced to the study program, the opportunities offered by the university, they will be introduced to the faculty structures and the teaching process. On this day, students will be provided with the Student Handbook and the Study Program Handbook.
  • 2. The program leaders will personally meet the interested students, throughout the week based on the needs they have for additional clarifications. This will be done for seven days from 9 am to 3 pm, based on the order.
  • 3. On the day of the reception, a visit will be organized on campus where they will get acquainted with the classrooms, the library, the laboratories, the buffet, and other spaces.

Dear students, you will also receive direct communication before the Welcoming Week 2020, with a specific induction sketch of events and activities for your program, where fun activities will be also included.



UPZ is the second public university in Kosovo. In 2010 the number of enrolled students was 1700, while in 2014; the number of enrolled students is about 8000...

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Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit