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Scientific Publications Prof.asoc.dr. Fahredin SHABANI

Scientific journals

Title of paper

Journal name

Year / Volume / Pages

National culture at the time of the League of Prizren (1878-1881)

,,Bulletin’’ of the Faculty of Philosophy

1996 XVI 155-164

Albanian political opinion in war against alphabet with greek and arab letters

,, Albanological Inquiries’’


2007 36 201-208

Dervish Himas contribution to political opinion in Albanian Renaissance

,, Albanological Inquiries’’


2008 37 181-195

Monastir Congress – Vister with political aid for a national alphabet

,, Albanological Inquiries’’


2008 Nr. 38 145-159

Political acts of National Renaissance and declaration of independence(1908-1912)

,,Albanological Inquiries’’


2012 Nr.41/42 127-143

Congress a great victory for Albanian school

,,Vjetari’’ Kosovo Archive- Prishtina

2007 XXXVIII 309-316

The beginnings of the Renaissance in the early ’40 in the nineteenth century

,,Univers’’ Tirana

2007 IX 222-232

Important educational event

,,Univers’’ Tirana

2008 X 193-199

1oo anniversary of the Albanian community

,,Hervatski’’ Zagreb-CroatiaISSN1845-8793

2009 Nr.1 pg.76-83

European Diplomacy and Tajar Tetova (1908-1915)

,,Vizione’’ Skopje

2011 XVI

Contribution of Tajar bey Tetova for the Albanian national question

,,Albanological Studies’’


2012 5 151-160

Istanbul Alphabet and its political-social echo among Albanians

,,Philology’’ Tetovo

2013 Nr.1 359-363

Relations of Faik Konica with Austro-Hungary (1897-1912)

,,Albanology’’ Tetova

2014 Nr.1-2 32-40

Contribution of Ismail Qemal in the formation of political opinion of National Renaissance in the first years of XX. century

Balkan Journal of Interdisciplinary Research E ISSN 2410 759X

IIPCCL Publishing, Tirana- Albania

January, 2016 Vol 1 Nr.3 190-200

Albanian issue at the peace conference in Paris



ISBN: 10 12-3869


June, 2016 Vol.N. 4 N.1 298-307


impact factor 0.43

Historical-Political Aspects of Development of the Albanian Unil 1870

IOSR Journal of Sports and Education (IOSR-JSPE)

e-ISSN 2347-6737, p-ISSN 2347-6745, Volume 4 Issue 4, (Jul-Aug.2017).PP 00-00

Socio-Political and Economical Circumstances in the Albanian Territories

International Multidisciplinary Research Journal

European Academic Research

ISSN 2286-4822

ISSN-L 2286-4822

Vol.4, Issue 6/September 2016

Impact Factor 3.4546 (UIF) DRJI Value 5.9 (B+)

Kosovo education development in Albanian language during the years 1878-1918

Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences IIPCCL Publishing Graz-Austria

ISSN 2410-3918 Access online at

Vol.3, No.3 November 2017

Europe from challenges of war towards challenges of peace

Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences (Austria)

ISSN: 2410-3918 (Print); 2410-8693 (Online) Vol.3,No.3 November 2017

Political culture and its impact in the state-building process – Kosovo Case

International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention

ISSN (Online): 2319 – 7722, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 7714

Volume 6 Issue 12||December. 2017 || PP.05-11

Interaction of History with the Albanians Literature in Education

SSRN-id 31644494




Summary (abstract) from International and National Scientific Conferences

Politics of Young Turks and national Albanian question in Debar Congress

Announcement held at the International Scientific Conference

Debar-Macedonia, 23-24 July 2009

Contribution of Ibrahim Temos’ in the political opinion in National Renaissance

Paper presented at the Second International Congress of the Balkan in Prizren (UP), May 31, 2010

The Congress of Balkans for Social Sciences

30 May-6 June 2010

Some data about the origin of Mahmut Begollaj’s

Announcement of the scientific symposium held

Mahmut Begollaj’s in the course of history

24-25 may 2012, University of


The war for national alphabet and declaration of independence of Albania

International Seminar on Albanology VI.

Albanian question before and after the Declaration of Independence

20-22 September 2012


100th anniversary of Albania’s independence declaration

Press held for students UGJ in Gjakova

23 November 2012, University of Gjakova

The Impact of the physical and health activities at the smokers.

International Scientific Conference ,,Democracy in South Eastern Europe,, and Albanian’s

9 May 2015, University of Prishtina

Other Publications

Title of paper

Journal name

Year / Volume / Pages

Political orders of Naum Veqilharxhit on national alphabet

”Spark’’ Prishtina

2006 (December)

A dawn for Albanians’

”Spark’’ Prishtina

2007 (February)

121 anniversary of the first national secular school Korça

“ Spark’’ Prishtina

2008 (February-March)



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