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§ Funding Sources for Research and Education Projects, ICT and Science Researchers in Europe and USA..


Open Access Library Journal


(In publiching process).

February, 2020. IF = 0.41.



§ Memoization method for storing minimum-weight triangulation of convex polygon

Computer Science



20(2) 2019: Vol.20/nr. 2/ 195–211/



§ Survey and Proposal of an Adaptive Anomaly Detection Algorithm for Periodic Data Streams. Journal of Computer and Communications


Journal of Computer and Communications,



August 29, 2019/ Vol.7 No.8/ 33-55/





§ Creating Prototype Virus- Destroying Files and texts any computer


2019, Vol 3. ISSUE: 1

§ Encrypted Data Service for Security Electronic Communications


2019,v3 n3 (20191226)84

§ Mathematical Model In Smaill Quadrate For The Specific Consummation Of The Electric Motor.

International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security,


June 2017/Vol.17 No.6/ pp. 254-258/







§ Investigating search engine optimization techniques for effective ranking: A case study of an educational site






§ Quantum-Dot cellular automata divider





§ Development of ambient environmental monitoring system through wireless sensor network (WSN) using NodeMCU and 'WSN monitoring'.





§ Expansion of a relational database to support semantic web queries

Journal PressAcademia Procedia



Pag. 234 – 239/

2017/ Volume 5,

Në konferenca

§ Cyber Protection Strategy For Kosovo.

“Information Systems and Technology Innovations: Fostering the As-AService Economy”, 8th International Conference

Proceedings Book, ISTI-2017,


§ The Software Management PIS -a (Paratus Information System) and Implementation in the Republic of Kosovo.

5th International Vocational Schools Symposium Importance of Vocational Education in World/University - Industry Collaboration, 2017.



§ Protection server from unauthorized access of foreign

Konferenca e VIII -të, Roli dhe efektiviteti i investimeve në procesin e integrimittë shoqërive të ballkanit pas E-ISSN 2337-0521


Instituti për kërkime Shkencore dhe zhvillim, Ulqin, 1 Prill, 2016.

ISSN 1800-9794. .

§ Simulation and optimisation of the design process in Function to the clearance betëeen the blanking Tool elements.

16 th International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology”.

TMT 2012, Dubai, UAE, 10-12 Sept. 2012, ISSN 1840-4944,page. 123-126.

§ Influence of the material from metal sheets in the tool design for blanking and punching.;

9thScientific – Research Symposium with International Participation

MNM-2012, Zenica, 23th – 24th April 2012.

§ Identification of the critical places in the design phase for the stamping and the punching tool.

9thScientific – Research Symposium with International Participation

MNM-2012, Zenica, 23th – 24th April 2012.

§ Automatizimi i procesit të projektimit të veglave për shtancim në Pro/Engineer me ndihmën e një Excel fajlli.

Instituti Alb-Shkenca, Takimit të VII Vjetor Shkencor Ndërkombëtar

Alb-Shkenca, Gusht 2012, Shkup, 29-31.


§ Generation of technological parameters and process

optimization for the design and optimization blanking tools.

Modern Technologies in Manufacturing, 10th International Conference.


MTeM 2011, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 6th – 8th, October 2011.

§ Shfrytëzimi i CAD sistemeve të specializuara për projektimin e veglave për

shtancim dhe shpim. Instituti

Instituti Alb-Shkenca, Takimit të VII Vjetor Shkencor Ndërkombëtar

Alb- Shkenca 2010, Tiranë, 2-5 Shtator 2010.

§ Influence of cutting speed on the quality of blanked parts


15th International Research/Expert Conference ”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology”

TMT 2011, Prague, Czech Republic, 12-18 Sept.2011

ISSN 1840-4944, page. 817-820.


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Creating a mobile robot for navigation, 2019

II. International Turkish World Engineering and Science Congress 7-10 november 2019- Antalya/Turkey




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